What We Do


What We Do

At Prestige VIP Holdings International Sdn Bhd, we’re passionate about innovation and excellence. Our diverse range of businesses sets us apart as a powerhouse in the industry, driving forward-thinking solutions and creating opportunities that deliver exceptional value. With a commitment to ethical business practices, sustainability, and unparalleled services, we strive to exceed expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

Real Estate Management

Exceptional real estate services, personalized attention, and expert advice for buying, selling, or renting properties.

Investment Consultancy

Customized solutions for managing assets for high net worth individuals and institutional clients to meet their unique investment objectives.

Travel & Tourism Consultancy

Personalized attention, expert advice, luxurious accommodations, and private transportation for exclusive world-class events.

PR & Marketing

Strategic and creative PR and marketing solutions to build brand awareness, engage target audience, and achieve business goals.

Education Consultancy

Personalized education consultancy services for expert advice on educational opportunities to achieve academic and career goals.

Trading Supply

High-quality trading supply services for sourcing and delivering products that meet unique needs and requirements.


Diverse range of retail products and services, delivering exceptional customer service and personalized attention.

Appraisal Brand

Expert appraisal services for accurate valuations that enable informed decisions about assets.

Travel Magazine

Exclusive insights into the world of luxury travel with inspiring stories, travel tips, and insider knowledge.

VIP Events

Exceptional VIP events with exclusive access to world-class events and unforgettable experiences.

Global Sourcing

We Can Source Any Client’s Requirement From Across The Globe And Work With Over 25000 Suppliers.

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